“Venus of Kostenki”


 “Venus of Kostenki” Female Figurine, 23.000- 21.000 BCE 15cm

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 “Venus of Kostenki”

Female Figurine “Venus of Kostenki”, 23,000- 21,000 BCE  This replica is among the oldest known examples of   prehistoric art, found in Kostenki, located on the western bank of the Don River in Russia.

This figurine represents the Palaeolithic ‘Venus’, with overlarge breasts and belly.  The faceless head bends towards the chest while the arms are pressed to the body with hands on the belly.  Covering the surface of the head are rows of incisions indicating a hair style or cap.  Relief work in the form of a tight plait convey a breast ornament tied up at the back.

All paint decorations are made replicating methods used by potters of the particular period.

Measurements: The figurine:15cm h.
The figurine is installed on a black wooden base 5x5x7 cm h.

Each figurine is individually hand made, imperfections are to be expected and no two sculptures are alike and can never be reproduced to the exact same effect. They are one of a kind and unique.

Shipped in presentation gift box.

Handmade in Kastoria.


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